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at the Edge

Tailored edge and hybrid cloud infrastructure to meet industry-specific challenges. VMAccel’s solutions aim to optimize edge infrastructure, increasing efficiency and performance using the latest technology.


Choose a solution to best support your business goals​

VMAccel specializes in providing tailored edge and hybrid cloud solutions for various industries, optimizing infrastructure, performance, and efficiency. Utilizing the latest technology, VMAccel delivers customized solutions that are designed to meet specific client needs and requirements.

VMAccel’s Edge deployments can achieve sub-microsecond latency, allowing for a new era of low-latency workloads

By deploying resources at the Edge, organizations can take advantage of high throughput (Petabyte/s throughput), which is critical for workloads such as video streaming and genomics

Edge deployment can help organizations to maintain data sovereignty, as it allows data to be stored and processed closer to the source, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring that sensitive information is kept within the organization’s control.

Support for Existing & Future Edge Markets


Web3 / Metaverse​

Cloud Gaming​

Video Streaming / Transcoding​



Smart Cities​

Industry 4.0​


Need a fully
customized Edge

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