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September 29, 2023

Recap of VMAccel's Exciting Week: Intel's FPGA Technology Day, Intel Innovation, and the 10th Annual Global Technology Summit 

At VMAccel, our mission is clear: to empower humanity through cutting-edge technology. This week, we had the privilege of participating in three remarkable events that align perfectly with this mission. From the heart of Silicon Valley to the picturesque landscapes of Wyoming, we delved into the latest advancements in computing and acceleration, and we’re excited to share the highlights with you. 

Intel's FPGA Technology Day (IFTD)

Our week kicked off with Intel’s FPGA Technology Day (IFTD), an exclusive gathering that showcased Intel’s upcoming technologies, developments, and networking opportunities. Here are some key takeaways and what’s new from IFTD 2023:

  1. Intel Agilex® 3 FPGAs – Power and cost-optimized FPGAs in compact form factors
  2. Intel Agilex® 5 FPGAs – Early Access Program Expansion
  3. Intel Agilex® 7 FPGAs – Shipping with CXL IP with 2.0 features
  4. Open FPGA Stack (OFS) – Now fully open-source for developers
  5. F2000X IPU Production Adapters – Production Available from
  6. Nios® V/c Compact Microcontroller – New RISC-V based soft processor

To learn more about IFTD and associated announcements, click here.

Intel Innovation

Following IFTD, we attended Intel Innovation, a two-day event open to the public that focused on broader announcements and keynotes from Intel’s top executives. Here’s what we learned:

Intel is at the forefront of transformative technology.

FPGA technology is becoming more accessible and affordable.

Innovations in data centers are on the rise.

Advances that will unlock Artificial Intelligence computing are just around the corner.

Exciting new chip releases are on the horizon.

Intel partners and vendors are just as excited and inspired about new release

10th Annual Global Technology Summit

Our journey concluded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at the 10th Annual Global Technology Summit. This event was a celebration of innovation, highlighting the progressive technologies shaping the state and beyond. Key discussions included:

Innovative farming and agriculture technologies in Wyoming.

Opportunities in the UAE.

New company formations, and discussions of new and updated statewide programs geared to help entrepreneurs and business alike

Pioneering innovations in nuclear power plants.

During these events, we also had the opportunity to engage in networking sessions and explore potential partnerships. Building connections with like-minded individuals and businesses is a crucial aspect of our strategy to drive technological advancements.

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