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April 1, 2024

Welcoming VMAccel's New Director of Cloud Operations

Last month, VMAccel’s VP of Marketing Steph Chan, had the pleasure of sitting down with our latest addition to the VMAccel family, Mikhail Kozorovitskiy, the new Director of Cloud Operations.


Mikhail brings to the table an extensive background in cloud services, development, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology.


During our podcast, Mikhail shared insights into his impressive 20-year career journey, from building content management platforms before WordPress was a household name to creating large-scale implementations for grocery stores moving from physical to digital advertising.


It’s clear that Mikhail is a trailblazer in tech, and his expertise in automation and cloud services is a testament to his pioneering work.


Mikhail’s work on a content management platform that still runs Aerosmith’s website today is just one highlight of a career that includes scaling companies from 3 employees to 32 and driving millions in revenue from ticket sales.


He has an eye for innovation, having ventured into new territories with his work at CGG, where he dealt with hyper supercomputing clusters for seismic data analysis.


His narrative took an even more personal turn as he reminisced about his journey from Russia to America, tackling linguistic hurdles and cultural adjustments with the same fervor he applies to his professional challenges.


His story is rich with layers of growth, not just technological but personal and communal, too.


Mikhail’s contributions to the tech community in Birmingham through meetups and educational sessions underscore his commitment to fostering a thriving environment for knowledge sharing and professional development.


Outside of his work, Mikhail is just as intriguing. He shared his love for working on cars, jumping out of planes, and the humbling moments of everyday life that keep his feet on the ground despite his head being very much in the ‘clouds.’


As we wrapped up our conversation, it was evident that Mikhail’s breadth of experience and his ability to navigate complex landscapes with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure make him an invaluable asset to the VMAccel team.


We’re excited to see where his leadership will take our cloud operations and the innovative solutions that will undoubtedly come from his direction.


Welcome aboard, Mikhail. Here’s to accelerating forward, both in the clouds and on the ground.

Listen to the conversation

During our in-depth conversation with Gary, we explored several pivotal themes, including:


  • The Evolving Landscape of AI/ML: Understanding its trajectory and implications.
  • Vision for a Sustainable and Efficient Future: How technology and eco-responsibility can converge.
  • Continuous Evolution at Engineered Fluids: The importance of feedback in refining their innovative solutions.
  • Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market: Strategies and ethos that set Engineered Fluids apart.

About VMAccel

VMAccel is an AI Infrastructure (AI-P) Company, that specializes in providing streamlined acceleration resources as turn-key solutions. Our mission is to foster a vibrant ecosystem of AI-powered, ready-to-use solutions, empowering clients to concentrate on their core business strengths while facilitating innovation and agility.

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