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September 29, 2023

Company of the Month – October

In the ever-evolving world of technology, partnerships are the cornerstone of innovation. At VMAccel, we pride ourselves on our long-standing collaboration with Aupera Technologies. Recently, our VP of Marketing, Steph Chan, had the privilege of interviewing Aupera’s CEO, Roy Liao. Here’s a deep dive into that conversation, shedding light on the future of Video AI and the synergy between our two companies

Aupera's Journey and Vision

Roy began by highlighting Aupera’s extensive experience with FPGAs, emphasizing their work on smart city projects with Tencent Cloud in China. As they shift their focus to emerging markets like Singapore and Vietnam, Aupera is keenly aware of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Roy pointed out one of the primary challenges is the complexity of FPGA silicon. While it offers low latency and is easily programmable, it’s not always user-friendly. Aupera’s solution, VMSS, aims to bridge this gap. With VMSS, users can quickly and effortlessly build applications, even without any programming experience. This platform is continually evolving, with new features being added to cater to users with varying levels of expertise.

Aupera and VMAccel: A Flourishing Partnership

Roy expressed his satisfaction with the partnership between Aupera and VMAccel. Over the past three years, our collaboration has grown stronger, with Aupera appreciating our prompt customer service and our shared vision for the future. As Aupera gears up for the new release of VMSS, both companies are looking forward to even deeper engagement and collaboration.


When asked about the decision to partner with VMAccel, Roy mentioned some technical challenges they faced with larger cloud operators. VMAccel’s flexibility and the potential for micro data centers, especially in regions like Singapore, made us an attractive choice for Aupera. The concept of a micro data center, capable of powering an entire metropolitan area, aligns perfectly with Aupera’s vision for the future.

The Future of Video AI

Roy delved into Aupera’s rich history in the video domain, from their early days of video transcoding and processing to the integration of AI for analytics. The real game-changer, however, is Aupera’s new data engine. This engine empowers customers to harness the vast amounts of data they collect, enabling them to continually retrain and refine their AI models.

Aupera’s innovative approach turns seemingly useless data into valuable assets. For instance, parking operators can utilize the data from their surveillance cameras to improve their AI models, potentially even selling this data to AI companies for further refinement.

The Next Big Revolution in AI

Roy believes that the next big revolution in AI will be centered around data. Unlike platforms like ChatGPT, which are accessible to everyone, vertical industries are more protective of their data. Aupera’s solution helps these industries find the “diamonds” in their data, transforming what was once considered “garbage” into actionable insights.

In conclusion, the conversation between Steph Chan and Roy Liao offered a fascinating glimpse into the world of Video AI and the promising future of the VMAccel-Aupera partnership. As technology continues to advance, collaborations like these will pave the way for groundbreaking innovations that reshape our world.

Try VMSS 3.0 on VMAccel Cloud

Try the free demo of Aupera® Video Machine Learning Streamer Server Solution 2.0 V3.0.0 on AMD/Xilinx® VCK5000 Card hosted on VMAccel® Cloud

About Aupera Technologies

Aupera Technologies is at the forefront of Video AI inferencing, offering the innovative Aupera VMSS software framework. Designed for seamless user experience, VMSS2.0 empowers users to swiftly construct, configure, and deploy Computer Vision pipelines through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) – all without the need for coding. With Aupera’s comprehensive node toolkit, users can effortlessly craft custom pipelines, encompassing decoding, pre-processing, post-processing, and more. Additionally, Aupera’s commercial video AI applications are seamlessly integrated into this framework, providing users with the flexibility to visualize and configure as per their requirements. Whether it’s through video overlays or text output, Aupera ensures users have a clear view of their custom pipeline results.

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Company of the Month – October

In the ever-evolving world of technology, partnerships are the cornerstone of innovation. At VMAccel, we pride ourselves on our long-standing collaboration with Aupera Technologies. Recently, our VP of Marketing, Steph

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